• We are known by the tracks we leave...
    Sierra Lobo, Inc. operates an enduring, high-technology organization that specializes in creating and managing new, innovative technologies
  • Sierra Lobo in the Sea
    Unmanned underwater vehicle technologies provide increase in energy storage over batteries at a lower overall cost
  • Sierra Lobo in Space
    Sierra Lobo continues to innovate with teams of researchers developing new technologies for space flight
  • Sierra Lobo in the Air
    Joint strike fighter inlet/airframe integration model in the 8 x 6 foot hypersonic wind tunnel at NASA GRC
  • Sierra Lobo on Land
    Electromagnetic testing of Army TOW missile at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL

Committed to Delivering Excellence Every Day

TDEC Whether it is innovative solutions or Government services, you can count on Sierra Lobo’s inspired team to deliver with excellence, within budget, and on time.  Our financially secure, growing company is an industry leader in Engineering and Technical Services and Advanced Research and Development.

Sierra Lobo offers a full range of professional and technical capabilities, including Test and Evaluation, Systems Engineering, and Advanced Technologies. In our Corporate Technology Development and Engineering Center (TDEC) in Milan, OH, we also develop products and processes related to Cryogenic Fluid and Thermal Management Systems, Densified Propellant Management Systems, and Prototype Extreme Pressure and Temperature Systems.  Our customers rely on Sierra Lobo’s expertise in managing large contracts for the Government combined with in-house core competencies in research and engineering.  This unique combination gives customers access to specialty skills and a proven management framework that produces “Excellent” results.

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With SBIR awards from Kennedy Space Center, Sierra Lobo Inc., developed the

R&D 100 Cryo Force Power Cell

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  • MEDALS RF Engineering

    Radio-frequency (RF) Engineering: The SLI Team brings engineering experience gained by supporting customers on a variety of projects from Flight […]

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