Fluids & Thermal Engineering

Expertise in the transfer of thermal energy from one physical system to another

  • Fluid system design and analysis – gas, liquid, two-phase
  • Heat transfer and thermodynamic analysis of process systems for application
  • Thermal analysis input for structural analysis and design
  • Spacecraft, launch vehicle – internal flow field cooling and thermal engineering
  • Propulsion system analysis and rocket performance using ROCETS code
  • Tools: PRO-E, SINDA-G, SIM-FLEX II DeltaE, Pro-E, Nevada, Regen, and in-house software
  • Flight test and analysis of propulsion and fuel systems for aircraft (Boeing 757, 767, 747, B2-Bomber)
  • Flight test and analysis of propulsion, fuel systems, and abort systems for spacecraft (orbital space plan, evolved expendable launch vehicle)