High-Efficiency 20K Cryocooler

Our unique cryocooler technology allows for zero boil-off propellant storage

High-Efficiency Cryocooler

No moving parts pulse tube cryocooler provides for reliable operation

  •  Features:
    • Two-stage pulse tube cryocooler
    • Simultaneous cooling capacity of 4 W at 20 K, 4 W at 65 K
    • High efficiency: 12 percent of Carnot at 20 K
    • Reliable – no moving parts
    • Available drivers: mechanical or thermoacoustic
    • Scalable
    • Gravity-independent operation – can be used in space applications
  • Applications:
    • Sensor cooling 
    • Zero boil-off propellant storage
    • Magnetic resonance imaging machines
    • Superconducting transmission lines
    • Densified Propellant Management System™
    • Propellant conditioning for rocket engine test stands
    • Ground support equipment for test facilities

High-Efficiency Cryocooler

High-efficiency performance reduces power and mass