Cryogenic Feed Throughs

CFTR validates feed-through designs for safe and reliable operation

Cryogenic Feed-Through Test Rig

  • Feed-throughs pass electrical signal and power wires through bulkheads on storage tanks, vacuum jackets, and piping runs
  • Feed-through manufacturers typically do not pressure test their products at cryogenic temperatures
  • CFTR designed to subject candidate feed-throughs to extreme pressure and cryogenic-thermal cycles
  • CFTR features:
    • Quantitatively measures feed-through leak rates at operating temperature and pressure
    • Operating conditions:
    • Ambient to LH2 temperatures
    • Vacuum to 5,000 psia
    • Helium mass spectroscopy detects leak rate to 10-11 sccs
    • U.S. Pat. No. 7,836,754
  • Applications:
    • Feed-throughs for power/instrument wires
    • Fittings
    • Seals
    • Small flanges
    • View ports