Cryogenic Insulation Systems

Advanced cryogenic insulation systems reduce mass and cooling power requirements

  • Advanced cryogenic insulation systems are required to meet future space mission requirements and reduce system mass and active cooling system power
  • Research confirms lack of comprehensive thermo physical properties of MLI systems
  • Emerging technologies and assembly/fabrication techniques capable of improving MLI performance identified
  • Developed fundamental layer-by-layer design and simulation tool for MLI systems for rapid design and analysis – models seams and penetrations
  • Modeled conduction/radiation down struts/attachment points
  • Developed patented test rig for validating MLI performance down to liquid hydrogen temperatures with up to 300 layers
  • Provides wide range of data for a variety of cryogenic insulation configurations
  • U.S. Pat. No. 7,836,754
  • MLI applications:
    • Space-based platforms
    • Spacecraft
    • Launch vehicles, missiles
    • Lunar landers
    • Stationary and roadable dewars
    • Superconducting devices