Advanced Research and Engineering Services Contract

Air Force Research Laboratory - Edwards Air Force Base

ARES III_LEO 7 Second-Stage Reocket Motor

Sierra Lobo, Inc. (SLI) provides research and engineering services to support the Air Force Research Laboratory, Aerospace Systems Directorate, Rocket Propulsion Division (AFRL/RQR) at Edwards AFB, CA, in the development of advanced rocket propulsion technology and its transition into space and missile propulsion systems and associated vehicle and mission systems. As prime contractor, SLI provides program management of its high quality on-site research and engineering technical staff, as well as many subcontracted efforts, to provide flexible, efficient and effective, high quality services in support of rocket propulsion technology research and development (R&D) efforts. These efforts encompass all classes of rocket propulsion, from small thrusters for space systems to large boosters for space launch systems and strategic missiles, and the range of development testing from bench scale experiments exploring fundamental physical and chemical processes to large scale fully integrated liquid engine and solid motor demonstration and qualification testing. SLI provides technical support in the areas of: liquid engine and solid motor component hardware design; non-destructive evaluation; ageing and surveillance; service life prediction; software development; modeling and simulation; propulsion system performance prediction; propulsion system / vehicle integration; vehicle weights and sizing; trajectory simulation; payoff analysis and technology trade studies; test planning; experiment design, execution, and analysis; test facility design and build-up; combustion stability modeling and experimentation; flow mixing and control; and low-cost, rapid manufacturing technology development.

Technologies involved include:

  • Liquid Propulsion Technology
  • Solid Propulsion Technology
  • Emerging and Pervasive Technology
  • Spacecraft Propulsion Technology
  • Systems Integration and Analysis Technology
Work Categories