Kennedy Engineering Services Contract

National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Kennedy Space Center

kesc March 1, 2011, marked the beginning of NASA’s Engineering
Services Contract (ESC) at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC),
Florida. The ESC is an institutional services contract providing
engineering services to the Kennedy Space Center and the NASA
programs, and projects carried out within KSC. The ESC is truly an
integrated team consisting of the prime contractor, QinetiQ North
America, and thirteen teammates. Sierra Lobo is one of the major
teammates on the ESC, with employees distributed over six
different organizations.

SLI employees consist of a wide variety of highly skilled
professionals including scientists, chemists, engineers, designers,
technicians and laboratory personnel working in electrical and
fluids design engineering organizations, and multiple laboratories
and test facilities. Projects on the ESC are very diverse, ranging
from designing new launch complexes to testing lunar soil.
As the Shuttle program nears its end, ESC and KSC are beginning
to focus on new programs and projects. One such undertaking is
developing a 21st Century Launch Complex. The concept behind
this endeavor is to create facilities that are easily configurable with
the ability to adapt to multiple launch vehicles.
This will give KSC the ability to provide launch services to not
only NASA, but also to DoD and commercial customers.

The first step in this process is the remolding of Launch Pad 39B.
This pad was one of two used to launch the Space Shuttles.
As part of this project, ESC designed a new Lightning Protection
System and designed, fabricated, and installed the new Pad
Weather System, which includes high-speed cameras.
As demonstrated by the photos below, both systems were recently
severely put to the test and succeeded admirably. This is just one
example of the numerous projects where ESC and Sierra Lobo have
exhibited their vast technical capabilities at the Kennedy Space

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