MEDALS Cryogenics Engineering

Discipline Capabilities


Cryogenics Engineering: The SLI Team brings over 18 years of experience gained by supporting JPL on a variety of projects from Flight Systems to Technology Demonstration efforts to the Multi-divisional Engineering, Design, Analysis Lab-wide Support (MEDALS) contract.


  • Fluid dynamics, heat transfer
  • Zero-gravity thermal/fluid models
  • Material selection & compatibility
  • Liquid level monitoring/temp. stratification
  • Two-phase flow
  • Low-gravity propellant management devices
  • Multi-layer insulation modeling & fabrication
  • Low conductivity structural systems
  • Cryocoolers, solar shading
  • Radiation shields, pumps


  • Creo (Pro/E)
  • AutoCAD (Inventor)
  • Thermal Desktop
  • Sinda/Fluint
  • COMSOL Multiphysics (CFD)
  • FLOW-3D


PCFS/EPCS – Propellant Conditioning Systems

  • Provided customized design, analysis, & fabrication of complex cryogenic test systems used for precision temperature control of cryogenic propellants at specific pressure & flow ranges. This includes both cryogenic gases as well as sub-cooled liquids (GO2, LO2, and LCH4)

C7VS – Cryogenic Insulation Calorimeter

  • Provided customized design & analysis of state-of-the-art, large-scale calorimeter to measure the effectiveness of multi-layer insulation (MLI) packages at specific, precisely-controlled cryogenic temperatures

INP1 – Undersea Fuel Cell Power Systems

  • Developed the capability to provide gaseous oxygen & hydrogen via controlled vaporization of ultrapure cryogenic liquid in dewars. Testing was conducted at SLI’s Hydrogen Test Facility which allowed LOX and LH2 dewars to be refilled

LZBO – Liquid Oxygen Zero Boil-off Storage

  • Developed a liquid oxygen thermal management test system that was the first to achieve zero boil-off, using LN2 in place of LOX, in tests at NASA GRC’s SMIRF





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