Through our products and services, Sierra Lobo will establish a legacy that allows humankind to explore new frontiers, bettering security and the quality of life for future generations.


Sierra Lobo operates an enduring, high-technology organization that specializes in creating and managing new, innovative technologies. The energy and passion of our employees drives our success. In all our endeavors, we achieve excellence and best value for our customer.

Shared Value Statements

  • Acknowledge our people as the foundation of the company
  • Promote open communications
  • Commit to the safety and protection of the environment
  • Exceed customers’ expectations
  • Pursue excellence and continuous improvement
  • Never accept complacency or the status quo
  • Empower our employees with the proper level of responsibility, authority, and accountability
  • Promote outreach, education, and growth in our communities, and our nation

Code of Conduct

  • Listen, learn, and respect others
  • Adhere to the highest level of integrity in all we do
  • Maintain a clean, creative, stimulating, and safe workplace
  • We operate as a team at all levels of our organization
  • Do the hard work for the customer. Be proactive! Be responsive!
  • Never play the blame game or speak badly in front of others
  • Build and nurture relationships based on trust and confidence
  • Promote camaraderie within our organizations
  • Don’t forget that we have internal customers – all of us
  • Professionalism, dedication, hard work
  • We commit to lifelong learning and self improvement