Safety Culture


The Sierra Lobo Management Team is personally committed to the safety and health of all personnel on our worksite, as well as subcontract personnel and end users of our fabrication efforts. Our pro-active approach to safety is driven by a committed management staff and employee involvement. Our hazard recognition and mitigation efforts consider applicable regulations, as well as best practices and lessons learned from internal and external experience and incident trends. We network with various safety groups and actively participate in the ASSE, NSC, AIHA, NASA, and Army Safety Councils. We also work with local experts such as the Bureau of Workers Compensation Risk Management Specialists and local Safety Councils.

Sierra Lobo’s approach to safety has evolved from compliance to world-class performance:

  • Establish goals
  • Establish meaningful metrics
  • Take corrective/improvement actions on identified trends
  • Empower all employees to take an active safety role
  • Employ applicable and value added training programs
  • Perform hazard analysis and safe work practices

Safety Recognition

In 2007, Sierra Lobo was recognized by OSHA for our exemplary safety and health management system with the presentation of the SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) designation. This cooperative program is the small business equivalent of the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). The scope of this designation is our Technology Development and Engineering Center in Milan, OH. Requisite activities included:

  • Comprehensive safety audit of the facility and safety programs
  • Numerous industrial hygiene sampling and activities to quantify various exposure levels
  • Employee interviews to verify awareness and involvement
  • Management interviews to verify commitment
  • Safety incident rates well below national average for our NAICS

Sierra Lobo is one of only seven Ohio companies to be currently SHARP certified, and is the first company in the state of Ohio to receive a two-year exemption from OSHA inspections, in contrast to the typical one year exemption.

Sierra Lobo Safety, Health, and Environmental Goals and Objectives:

  • Instill safety as a “value” never to be compromised in all aspects of the organization
  • Zero lost time injuries
  • Illness/injury rates well below national average for applicable NAICS Codes
  • No breaches of environmental compliance
  • No damage to facilities or equipment resulting from violation of SH&E requirements or willful neglect
Typically, this effort takes 18 months to three years; you guys accomplished this in six months with minimal improvements required!

SHARP Safety Auditor