What Makes Us Different

Mountain Wolf

What is important to you in a partner? Delivery? Performance? Technical excellence? Safety? Support services? Sierra Lobo understands how important each of these factors are to you, as well as many other factors needed to create an environment for success.

What is critical to you as a business? Sharing information or a need for updating your IT landscape? Leveraging, updating, or originating new technologies to meet your growth or revenue goals? Transitioning or implementing a tightly executed management program to reduce or maintain costs? Every day, Sierra Lobo team members pool their best talents, skills, resources, and technical experience, to address our customers’ challenges and requirements.

Sierra Lobo is not a typical small business. We provide the management expertise and research capabilities that many other companies our size lack. Our Technology Development and Engineering Center (TDEC) and Sierra Lobo Test Facility Center (SLTF) not only expand our capabilities, but also reduce costs for our customers and improve efficiency by providing reachback and in-house knowledge. Our priority is to maintain our small business atmosphere while offering customers the breadth and depth of an extensive menu of cost effective and competitive engineering services.

Risk reduction also plays a valued role in our approach to customer service. The decision you make in choosing and creating a partnership will eventually impact your reputation and profit line. We owe it to our customers to be professionally accountable, as well as to be financially sound and sustainable. You can safely choose to partner with Sierra Lobo because we have the resources to respond quickly with the financial stability, knowledge, and people, to the tasks at hand.