Engineering Services

Sierra Lobo provides a broad range of engineering and scientific capabilities. These services are comprised of various engineering disciplines that includes R&D engineering, scientific research, modeling/analysis, and related software development. Our engineers and researchers also have experience that encompasses the research, design, analysis, fabrication, build-up, assembly, installation, integration, and operation of complex hardware and systems. Listed below is a sample of the multi-disciplinary engineering services we provide. Please contact us directly if you require additional information.

Engineering Disciplines

  • Structural Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Fluids and Thermal Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Specialized Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Engineering-Related Services

  • Program Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Advisory Assistance Services
  • Test Engineering and Design and Experiments
  • Integration and Test
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Sustainment

Specialized Engineering and Fabrication Skills

  • Liquid and Gas Process System Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Checkout
  • Thermal-Flow, Heat Transfer and Stress Analysis
  • Piping and Pipe-Support Design, Fabrication, Installation
  • Design of Control Systems for Hazardous Classifications
  • PLC and HMI Programming
  • Specifications for Hardware
  • Instrumentation for Process Systems
  • Complex Welding, Tubing, Wiring
  • Oxygen-Clean Systems
  • Systems Engineering and Validation of Complex Systems
  • Vacuum System Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Checkout
  • Systems Integration Capabilities
  • Project Management: Cost and Schedule
  • Documentation and Configuration Control System: ISO Certified