Research & Development Services

Propulsion testing

One of Sierra Lobo’s key strengths is Research and Development (R&D) for land, air, space, and sea applications. We understand how to manage these specialty research projects to successful completion, using the best practices learned from our corporate projects as well as contract work.

Our NASA and DoD customers also enjoy the benefits of reach back to our corporate Technology Development Engineering Center (TDEC).

Our Research and Development experience includes:

  • Advanced cryogenic storage systems
  • Advanced measurements and sensors, instrumentation, and testing technologies for aeronautics
  • Advanced full spectrum wind tunnel testing technology development
  • Aircraft engine components
  • Atmospheric vehicle capabilities for thermal protective system (TPS) planetary entry systems
  • Ballistic impact dynamics research
  • Development of advanced wind tunnel test techniques
  • Electro-magnetics
  • Experimental aeroelastic expertise for wind tunnel and flight test
  • Experimental research of of hypersonic air-breathing propulsion flow paths
  • Experimental research to develop aerodynamic databases
  • Experimental evaluation and verification of material durability, damage tolerance, failure, dynamic behavior, and performance
  • High-performance material concepts for aerospace and space applications
  • Microgravity
  • Nondestructive evaluation and health monitoring
  • Research experimental systems and laboratories
  • Research operations of complex materials
  • Space power systems
  • Space propulsion (ion, electric, chemical)