Core Competencies

Core Capabilities

  • Project Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Fluids & Thermal Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Systems Integration & Validation
  • Engineering & Analysis
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Design & Rapid Prototyping
  • Mechanical & Electrical Fabrication
  • Cryogenic Fuels & Oxidizer Test Facility

Engineering Services

  • Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Expertise
  • Space Systems Research & Development
  • Advanced Propulsion Research & Engineering
  • Engineering Design, Development, & Analysis
  • Environmental Integration & Test
  • Aerospace Testing Operations & Maintenance
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication Services
  • Propulsion & Propellant Services

Enabling Technologies

Cryogenic Fluid Management

  • Cryo-Tracker® Fluid Sensors
  • Reduced-Gravity Cryo-Tracker® Fluid Sensors
  • High-Efficiency 20K Cryocoolers
  • Densified Propellant Management Systems
  • No-Vent Cryogenic Storage Systems
  • Propellant Conditioning Feed Systems
  • High-Pressure Liquid Helium Pumps
  • Helium Reclamation Systems
  • Cryogenic Insulation Systems

Energy and Power

  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Power Systems
  • Thermoacoustic Stirling Heat Engines
  • Space Power Converters

Spaceflight Systems and Electromechanical Devices

  • CryoCube Satellites
  • High-G Magnetic Capture

Engineering Services

Sierra Lobo, Inc. provides a broad range of engineering and scientific research support services. Our engineers and researchers are experienced in the design, analysis, fabrication, assembly, installation, integration, and operation of complex systems. Our 35,000 square foot Technology Development and Engineering Center in Milan, Ohio includes a cryogenic fuels and oxidizer test facility. Our skilled professionals have specific expertise in safely managing hazardous operations.

Fluids and Thermal Engineering

  • Fluid System/Heat Transfer Design & Analysis
    (Gas, Liquid, Two-Phase)
  • Steady State & Transient Thermal Modeling
  • Extreme Pressure & Temperature Processes

Aerospace Engineering

  • Flight Performance Analysis
  • Wind Tunnel Modeling & Test
  • Aerospace Electromagnetics
  • Solar Thermal Propulsion Design

Structural Engineering

  • Pressure Systems Integrity for Space, GSE,
    & Transportation Applications
  • Design & Analysis of Support Structures
  • Steel & Concrete Structure & Foundations
  • Finite Element Stress & Thermal Analysis
  • Modal & Vibration Analysis

Cryogenic Fuels & Oxidizer Test Facility

  • Remotely Located Control Room
  • Liquid & Gaseous H2, O2, CH4, N2
  • 1500 gallons LH2 Storage

Hardware Fab. & Assembly Support

  • Propellant Fuels & Oxidizers (Cryogenic, High Temperature, Pressure)
  • Instrumentation & Sensors
  • Ultra-high Vacuum Systems
  • Mechanical Subassemblies & Custom-Designed Heat Exchangers

Verification and Validation

  • Application of ASME, ANSI, IEEE, NASA, & MIL Standards for V&V
  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation

Electrical, Electronics, and Software

  • Custom Electronics Design, Analysis & Fabrication
  • Embedded & Real Time Software Development
  • High-Power Electrical System Design & Fabrication

Controls & Data Acquisition

  • Turnkey Control/DAQ Systems for Hazardous
    & Non-hazardous Classification Environments
  • High-Precision Thermal Control Systems
  • High-Speed Data Acquisition with High-Speed Camera System

Enabling Technologies

Cryo-Tracker® System

  • Accurately Measures Fluid Level and Temperature Profiles
  • Calculates Fluid Mass and Uncertainty in Fluid Mass
  • Lightweight, One-piece, and Flexible at Cryogenic Temperatures

Densified Propellant Management SystemTM

  • Thermoacoustic Densifier Uses Acoustic Power to Efficiently and Simultaneously Densify Both Hydrogen and Oxygen Propellants and Increase Their Density

Cryogenic Feed-Through Test Rig

  • Verifies Feed-Through Leakage while at Cryogenic Temperature and Pressure

High-Efficiency Cryocooler

  • No Moving Parts Pulse Tube Cryocooler Provides for Reliable Operation

Cryogenic Insulation Systems

  • Advanced Cryogenic Insulation Systems are Required to Meet Future Space Mission Requirements and Reduce System Mass and Active-Cooling System Power

Helium Reclamation System

  • Purifies Waste Helium to 99.995% for Rocket Test Sites and Launch Facilities

Sensor and Instrumentation Development

  • High Temperature Sensors for Measuring Temperature, Heat Flux, and Regression

CryoCubeTM Cubesat

  • Platform for In-Space Validation of Cryogenic Fluid Systems

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Power System

  • Advanced Cryogenic Reactant Storage System Enables Longer Duration Fuel Cell Powered Underwater Vehicles
  • Demonstrated for Heavyweight and Large Displacement UUVs

No-VentTM Cryogenic Fluid Storage System

  • Innovative System for Storing, Maintaining, and Gauging Multiple Densified or Normal Boiling-point Cryogenic Liquids Under Zero Boil-off Conditions


Fabrication Capabilities

  • Vessel and Process System Manufacturing
  • Certified Welding and Brazing per ASME/AWS Code
  • Tubing Fabrication
  • Electronics Soldering Processes
  • Traditional Machining (Mills, Drills, and Lathes)
  • Electrical Installation for Hazardous Classifications
  • Precision Test Article Instrumentation
  • Electronics Fabrication and Assembly

Engineering Tools

Mechanical Design

  • Creo (Pro/E)
  • Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD
  • MathCAD
  • Caesar II

Fluid Flow/Heat Transfer

  • Thermal Desktop
  • Satellite Tool Kit (STK)
  • Design Flow Solutions
  • COMSOL Multiphysics

Electronics Development

  • Altium Designer
  • Xilinx ISE Design Suite
  • Microsemi Libero SoC

Software Development

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • IAR Systems Embedded Workbench
  • Salvo Pro

Data Acquisition/Controls

  • LabVIEW Real Time Developer Suite
  • Wonderware

Custom Engineering Tools

  • DeltaEC (Thermoacoustics)
  • Regen3.3
  • MLI Performance Models
  • Pressurant Gas Models
  • Propellant Loading/Densified Models
  • Cryogenic System Design Tool

Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics, & Acoustics

  • Configuration Aerodynamics
  • Advanced Configurations
  • Integration & Interaction of Aircraft Components
  • Computational Modeling & Simulation
  • Flow Physics & Control
  • Aerothermodynamics
  • Hypersonic Airbreathing Propulsion
  • Vehicle Noise Prediction & Control
  • Model Systems

Advanced Materials & Structural Systems

  • Advanced Materials & Processing
  • Durability, Damage Tolerance, & Reliability
  • Structural Mechanics & Concepts
  • Structural Dynamics

Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL)

  • EDL Concept Development
  • Enabling Technologies for EDL
  • Analysis & Testing