Sierra Lobo’s extensive wind tunnel experience is crucial to our support of the Center Maintenance Operations and Engineering (CMOE) Contract at NASA Langley Research Center. Sierra Lobo is a part of an integrated contract team which provides operations, maintenance, engineering, and general support services for Langley Research Center (LaRC) infrastructure and test facilities.


We are responsible for the support of operations for the following test facilities:

  • National Transonic Facility (NTF)
  • Langley Aerothemodynamics Laboratory (LAL)
  • 14 by 22 Foot Subsonic Tunnel (14×22)
  • Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT)
  • 8 Foot High Temperature Tunnel (8-Ft HTT)

Research Facility Operations Include:

  • Operations Management
  • Test Engineering
  • Facility Systems Engineering
  • Digital Controls Engineering
  • Data Systems Support
  • Data Quality Support
  • Laser and Dynamic Data Support
  • Facility Automation and Control Systems Support
  • Instrumentation Systems Support
  • Test Management
  • Test Article Integration
  • Technical Operations
  • Electrical System Support
  • Fluid Systems Support
  • Facility Safety
  • Wind Tunnel Model Structural Analysis
  • Facility Configuration Management
  • Facility and Test Documentation
  • Facility Coordination
  • Facility Scheduling and Integration

Central Utilities Operations Include:

  • Steam Plant Operations
  • High Pressure Air Production
  • Operations Procedures and Plans
  • Facility Operations Projects

Instrument Services Include:

  • Institutional Standards, Calibration Procedures and Policies
  • Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment (IM&TE) Logistics IM&TE Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) Maintenance and Repair
  • Industrial Instrumentation

Research Data and Facility Automation Include:

  • Data Acquisition System Configuration Management and Maintenance
  • Data Acquisition System Administration
  • Data Acquisition System Documentation
  • Facility Automation System (FAS) Maintenance and Repair

Examples of Some of the Testing Supported Include:

  • Testing  X-51 Scramjet Engine at Mach 5
  • Helped Boeing remove a launch constraint on its Delta II Heavy launch vehicle
  • Supported many Ares I, Crew Exploration Vehicle and Launch Abort Systems for the Constellation Program
  • Tested development test articles for HondaJet, Gulfstream and Boeing commercial aircraft
  • Tested rotorcraft for Sikorsky
  • Tested UAVs for various aerospace companies



Maintenance at LaRC involves all activities necessary to ensure that facilities and facility systems are safe, fully operational, reliable, and available on demand. LaRC facility maintenance involves the aggressive and proactive pursuit and implementation of the safest and most cost-effective blend of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) management, procedures, technology, and industry best practices.

Facility Maintenance Services Include:

  • Annual Work Plan (AWP)
  • Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)
  • RCM Program Management Plan
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Predictive Testing and Inspection (PT&I)
  • Trouble Calls (TC)
  • General Facility Maintenance Requirements


Engineering work consists of a wide variety of engineering services and projects including traditional engineering designs, as well as other engineering related products, such as fabrication of research equipment, implementation of the construction of facilities program, development of instrumentation and data acquisition systems, and operation of facility documentation libraries.

General Engineering Services Include:

  • Tactical Engineering Services
  • Field Consultation
  • Analyses
  • Design Modifications
  • Field Verifications of Drawings
  • Pressure Systems Recertification Services
  • Phase I – Evaluation
  • Phase II – Additional Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) and Systems Repairs
  • Phase III – In-Service Inspections
  • Recertification NDE Requirements
  • Storage of Radiographic Film
  • Re-certification Drafting Requirements

Engineering Projects Include:

  • Institutional Facilities and Utility Systems
  • Civil, Structural, and Architectural Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Research Facility Systems
  • Mechanical Equipment and Systems
  • Fluid Systems and Components
  • Electrical and Control Systems
  • Special Safety Engineering Projects
  • Drafting Projects
  • Technology Development Support Projects
  • Facility Automation and Control System Support
  • Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) Development Support
  • Instrumentation Systems Development Support
  • Test Techniques Development Support
  • Project Work Flow and Guidelines
  • Project Phases
  • Pre-Project Planning
  • Design
  • Construction